1. chris: you are an amazing illustrator! my all time favorite. keep up the good work. i will continue to be a fan and will promote your work.

  2. Dear Chris,
    Love your Chickenhare graphic novels, love your artwork, love your characters, love the storyline!!
    When will Vol. 3 be available for purchase?!
    (will there be a Vol. 4 as well? Maybe?)

    Thank you,


    • Hi Wendy!
      Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I think any more Chickenhare books is very unlikely. I love those books, too and it made me sad to have to move on but they were not finding an audience large enough to merit more publishing deals. I have some new stuff coming out this summer if that helps.

      • Rest in little pieces, I tried to find your 2nd book in the Library, but they didn’t have them. Now I’m sad that ChickenHare will probably never see the light of day again ;-;

  3. Dear Chris,
    I am a student studying your book ChickenHare. One of my assignments is to find information on the author. I was just wondering some thing. Like What inspired you to become a writer. What was your first book you published simple things like that.

    Thanks, Charlie

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