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  1. dana rakestraw says:

    chris: you are an amazing illustrator! my all time favorite. keep up the good work. i will continue to be a fan and will promote your work.

  2. Wendy Maldovan says:

    Dear Chris,
    Love your Chickenhare graphic novels, love your artwork, love your characters, love the storyline!!
    When will Vol. 3 be available for purchase?!
    (will there be a Vol. 4 as well? Maybe?)

    Thank you,


    • Chris says:

      Hi Wendy!
      Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I think any more Chickenhare books is very unlikely. I love those books, too and it made me sad to have to move on but they were not finding an audience large enough to merit more publishing deals. I have some new stuff coming out this summer if that helps.

      • AJSpammer says:

        Rest in little pieces, I tried to find your 2nd book in the Library, but they didn’t have them. Now I’m sad that ChickenHare will probably never see the light of day again ;-;

  3. Charlie Langer says:

    Dear Chris,
    I am a student studying your book ChickenHare. One of my assignments is to find information on the author. I was just wondering some thing. Like What inspired you to become a writer. What was your first book you published simple things like that.

    Thanks, Charlie

    • Kirsten says:

      If you use a search engine with quotes around an author or artist’s name + the word “about” you can often find interviews that he did online, or articles about him. If your questions are fairly common such as “what inspires you” or “what was your first published book” there’s a good chance they’ll be answered in one of these sources. (Of course, if your question is “what is your favorite Light Anti-Tank weapon” you’re probably out of luck.)

      For example: http://planetcomicon.com/interview/chris-grine-interview/

      Be sure to cite – that is “give credit” to the source you used. Here’s how to do it: http://www.wikihow.com/Cite-an-Online-Article

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