I can finally tell you what my next book is and why I’ve been so quiet over the last 12 months or so! I could NOT be more excited to share it with you guys! ANIMORPHS! For the last year I’ve been working on adapting the first book in the series, Animorphs: The Invasion, from the epic late 90’s book series from Scholastic. It’s been SO much fun to be able to deep dive into these stories and help to bring them to life visually. The hardest part now is waiting until next fall for it to hit shelves and the Book Fair! But until then reach out to me about it. Let’s talk! I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT! AHHHHHHHH!! Did I mention I’m also doing book 2 and 3? WHAT?!

If you happen to catch me at some of my local Comic Conventions this year I’ll even show you a sneak peak at some pages!

This old site

Just wanted to say that I know this site is old and boring. I’m trying to work on a new site in between books, but there seems to be little said time. Six graphic novels within the next three years might mean it won’t get changed anytime soon. That said, the TWITTER and INSTAGRAM links are always the best way to see what I’m doing and you can always reach out to me with the contact button in the menu or DMs on social media.

I’m going to at the very least, try to add a section for upcoming comic conventions or anywhere I’ll be signing books and talking to all you fine people.