So, a few of you may know that my M-F job is as a Hallmark artist in Kansas City, Mo. Most of my time is spent illustrating greeting cards and such but every now and then, I get to work on something really cool. For example, I got to work with a small team of designers/friends on the production design end of the recent hoops & yoyo Haunted Halloween special. As it turns out, that little job earned itself a nomination at the Annie awards! For reals!








Outstanding Achievement, Production Design in an Animated Television or other Broadcast Venue Production

  • Alberto Mielgo ‘Tron: Uprising: The Stranger’ – Disney TV Animation
  • Ian Worrel ‘Gravity Falls – Tourist Trapped’ – Disney TV Animation
  • Lynna Blankenship, Sean Coons, Hugh Macdonald, Debbie Peterson, Charles Ragins, Lance Wilder, Darrel Bowen, John Krause, Kevin Moore, Brent M. Bowen, Brice Mallier, Steven Fahey, Dima Malanitchev, Karen Bauer, Eli Balser, Anne Legge – ‘The Simpsons: Moe Goes From Rags to Riches’ – Film Roman
  • Nick Jennings, Martin Ansolabehere, Sandra Calleros, Ron Russell, Santino Lascano, Derek Hunter, Catherine E. Simmonds – ‘Adventure Time – The Hard Easy’ – Cartoon Network Studios
  • Peter Martin, Chris Grine, Ira Baker, Ramon Olivera, Scott Brown ‘hoops & yoyo Haunted Halloween’ – Hallmark
  • Brandon James Scott, Keith Lee ‘Justin Time: The Rubbery Dumplings’ – Guru Studio

It looks like we might just be heading out to LA in a few weeks, equipped with uncomfortable tuxedos to get to stare across a sea of some of the most talented animators in the world. What are the odds?